Vincent Massa 3 years ago in Session Box - Chrome 0
looking for an app or something to install and use executable files
S. Qiril Nutzipper 3 years ago 0
Tried thre de-duplicator function.
There is no way to decide what Bookmarks to remove based on "older/newer", "deeper in folder/higher in folder" etc.
Had to pick from hundreds of pairs manually.

Have a look at the little free toll "AntiTwin" how this is done.

What an utter Piece of crap this is. Uninstalling right now!!!

P.S: And don't argument "this is not the use case we made the software for" like developpers tend to do when their feature set is questioned.
This type of service is ONLY needed by power users with huge amount of bookmarks and many browsers/profiles. Users with 20 bookmarks and two browsers on 2 machines cope just fine with built in tools!!
nice to you
There should be a option of search changing of saerch option like google or other search option in FVD search tab.

I've searched around for this and if it's possible, I haven't found how to do it - I really like the widgets panel, but it covers up the speed dials from the second row down. I would like to be able to re-size the widget panel. I know it's possible to simply minimize the panel, but the option to re-size would be great.

El Mensajero Cristiano 2 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • updated 2 years ago 0
elena2016 7 months ago 0

Please,DELETE f......ng yandex search!!!!!