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Groups not syncing correctly

Paul already used 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

I have a group called Popular on one browser with 43 tabs in it, but it will not sync with my other browser which has a tab called Popular with only 20 in it, why won't this update, I looked at my Everhelper online account and the Popular group does not even exist???  Surely sync should update all the groups, I want what I have on one browser to be updated exactly on the other browser else you cannot really claim it is syncing fully or correctly.

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Popular is a special group that shows the most popular sites from other groups.

Yes ok, that's why it's called popular, and because they are popular I wanted them synced on my other browser!  Why has it not synced from my other browser that has 43 tabs and only 20 tabs have shown up.  Why has it not synced all 43 as they are the most popular, right? Or at least they are the ones I want in that folder.   I would rather just have one page with all my tabs on display;

I took ages last night to fail at finding Speed Dial for Chrome, all I got from every where was 404 not found and only available with Firefox(when it's obviously not!) and a load of time wasted, so much for your time saving speed dial if it takes hours to fail at downloading it from anywhere, because some dev somewhere can't be asked to put up a page notice stating, website currently down come back in x number of hours, I'm already wondering if there might be better syncing programs and dials out there!!  Today at lunch time I tried again and discovered I was able to download Speed Dial it should not be like this!