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Speed dial personal settings/layout are not saved with Firefox Developer Edition.

Donald L Wilson 3 days ago updated by nimbusweb 1 day ago 7

Anytime I have to reboot after I log back in my personal settings/layout

is always saved on my Chromium and Chrome Browsers but with my Firefox Developer

Edition 73.0b5 (64-bit) when I log in I have to completely rebuild my

layouts from scratch with the FVD Speed Dial app? Using FVD Synchronizer makes this easier but why

am I having to do this process every time I reboot? Does it have

something to do with Firefox? This has never been an issue with Chrome

or Chromium. Which is why I have a suspicion that it's a Firefox issue. I'm running Arch Linux version 5.4.12.

Other then the Firefox issue, this is hands down the best extension I've ever used, which has been for the past 6 years now.


what is the maximum note size in Nimbus note?

tech hippie 1 week ago in Nimbus Note updated by nimbusweb 1 week ago 1

Evernote has a limit of 25MB for a single note in the free version. Does Nimbus note has such limitation too? If yes, what is it?


Выстрел в ногу от создателей программы

AltistBK 1 week ago in Nimbus Note updated 1 week ago 6

Столкнувшись осенью 2019 года с проблемой отсутствия синхронизации в новых заметках обнаружил, кто десктопная версия несмотря на кнопку "проверить обновления" не обновляется, всегда пишется одно и тоже - версия последняя, обновления не требуются. И вопрос с обновлениями программы надо решать вручную - скачивать новый инсталятор, устанавливать новую версию и удалять старую. Вопрос с с обновлениями конечно неприятный. Но ладно, можно и вручную обновляться. Однако, в настоящее время создатели ввели ограничение на бесплатный план "Базовый" (Starter) в размере 50 заметок - что очень мало. И тут возникает потребность приобретения платной версии - Премиум (1000руб) или Бизнес (1500руб). В этот момент начинается сравнение с конкурентами (в частности с Evernote), их преимуществами и недостатками и ценами. Преимущество NimbusNote - вложенные папки. Недостатки - отсутствие возможности редактирования вложенных файлов; отсутствие нормального обновления клиента программы; лично мое мнение, редактор не удобный и форматировать текст мало возможностей, кривая вставка текста из буфера обмена; отсутствие шифрования заметок в облаке. При этом Evernote Premium стоит 2600 руб. (при скидке 40%, которую получить достаточно просто), а так же не стоит забывать и про Evernote Plus за 2200 руб. Получается, что разница между годовыми планами NimbusNote и Evernote не столь и значительная, а вот по функционалу на текущий момент есть значительные различия.

Исходя из вышеперечисленного, предлагаю создателям NimbusNote ограничение бесплатной версии в 50 заметок изменить на ограничение устройств, сделать доступность работы на 3-5 устройствах и не ограничивать количество заметок. Данное изменение позволит сохранить пользователей NimbusNote, и не вынудит искать альтернативы или уходить назад на Evernote.


notes not opened

balanagendran95 1 week ago in Nimbus Note / Windows updated by nimbusweb 1 week ago 1

😡When I try to access the note,it doesn't show up.

I'm really fed up with it.


Captured videos saving as .txt

Icemwvh 2 weeks ago updated by nimbusweb 2 weeks ago 1

I can't record short videos using the Nimbus Chrome extension anymore.

My system is Win10 version 1809.

Last Dec 2019 I was able to save the short videos as .mp4 but now it tries to save as .txt.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


What New Features and Options are scheduled for Speed Dial for the Chrome Browser ?

Ponderosa 2 weeks ago updated 2 weeks ago 0

Hello FVDMedia Team,

There has been a multitude of New Feature and Option requests by the Users of Speed Dial for the Chrome browser.

I would like to know what New Features and Options are scheduled for Speed Dial and the Chrome Browser in the Very Near Future?

Please list them in your intended order of development and tentative release dates.

P.S. - This Speed Dial Extension is a Real Plus for myself and so many users.  It allows me and others to organize our websites in Groups which is a real help.  But as you already know, there are many user requests that would TRUELY Enhance this Extension.  I am sure that if you listed your New Feature and Option Intentions as I requested, it might calm the users knowing that they are in Development and on the way with a tentative time frame.

I am currently using Chrome Version 79.0.3945.88 (Official Build) (64-bit) on my MacBook Pro running High Sierra version 10.13.6.

Please advise,

Thank you,


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xxxiNAIxxx 5 years ago in Nimbus Note / Windows updated by nimbusweb 2 years ago 6
Планируется ли добавление проверки орфографии (spellchecker)?
Under review

Вход в папки Nimbus Note по паролю

Alex Usoff 5 years ago in Nimbus Note / Windows updated by nimbusweb 5 months ago 13
Можно ли сделать так, чтобы в некоторые папки Nimbus Note можно было войти только по паролю?
Under review

Add a save button when making changes to 'Options'

Lindsay Purcell 6 years ago in Nimbus Capture / FireFox updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 2
Currently when making changes on the Options page, there is no save button and no indication as to whether the changes have been implemented. It would be nice if there was either  a) a save button or b) a written indication that the changes had been saved for future use.

FVD Downloader Module 1.0.8 Not detected

UnknownVT 9 months ago updated by billwilson 4 days ago 21

FireFox had automatically disabled Flash Video Downloader 16.3.8.

Found version 6.3.11 available - when using it for any videos that indicated "Convert" shows FVD Downloader Module needed installing - even though the module was already installed (I have also uninstalled and re-installed the module to be sure). 

But any "Convert" video continues to indicate the FVD Downloader Module was required, So the "Convert" download is no longer working despite the installation of the FVD Downloader Module (1.0.8)


Please add better Retina support

Yana Bernadskaya 6 years ago in Nimbus Capture / Chrome updated by Alexpaul 2 years ago 1

It is better that the previous version - when capture didn't work at Retina at all - however it captures 100% resolution - not 200% and it should. I really need crisp sreenshots


Add to list of picture hosting services

Jan Nowak 6 years ago in Nimbus Capture / FireFox 0 is very popular and easy-tu-use hosting picture service. It's much better than Google Drive and should be on list available sites. :-)

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