3 appearance suggestions

RazY 2 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - FireFox 0

1. Allow to change the opacity of the dial only without affecting the image inside

2. Allow to change dial color to better fit the background

3. Allow to remove drop down menu (option list) from main button

Under review

i have FVD speed dial installed with everhelper on chrome but when i try opening FVD it keeps telling me to install it to chrome it was set as my tab page but now it wont open any suggestions to fix this error thanks tina

tina brazil 2 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • updated by Joe Martinez 7 months ago 2

FVD usually starts when i open chrome i have everhelper too but now it wont start at all even though it is set up right in my exetension and settings page any fixes for this will be greatly appreciated thanks tina


Right Click on A keyworld and Have It Search to Option:

Renato ZX5 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 1

First: Thanks For "SMART" Dial (The BEST)!

2- I Would Like To See IF You Can Give More Powers To The Right Click MENU:

- Be Able TO:

1 - Search To You Tube / Vimeo /Wikipedia & Others.

2 - Search Engines: DuckDuckGO / Disconnect / Google / Yahoo /Yandex & Others !

3 - Integrate The Screenshots TOOLS Direct To FVD Speed Dial !

Thanks !


I want hide group tab

Viktor Kishuk 2 years ago 0

Use only one group, becose not use tabs


it deleted my bookmarks, plz help

SMORON THE MIGHTY 2 years ago in EverSync - Chrome • updated by Pavel Shcherbakov 2 years ago 1

i synced my laptop and my bookmarks dissapeared, if there is someway to get them back i would gladly accept any help

Under review


Татьяна Невротова 3 years ago in EverSync - Android • updated by Юрий Фокин 3 years ago 4
стали закладки дублироваться,по два экземпляра каждой показывает и сохраняет в файл также. Причем это может исчезнуть при перезапуске, а потом вдруг опять дублируются

To shift down the inbuilt search bar

I would prefer to be able to shift the inbuilt search bar and the deals from the upper side of the window to the center or to its lower part. The reason is the pulldown menu with the address bar. It covers the address bar and hinders to use it.


EverSync has all my dials but won't restore them to new FVD extension install.

JanetBrauns 3 years ago in EverSync - FireFox 0
I'm logged into my EverSync account, and EverSync knows it. I had to deep-uninstall Firefox, which wiped all or most of my extensions. I added them back in. FVD Speed Dial is the most important. It contained none of my dials. BUT there they are in my EverSync account. How do I get Speed Dial to find and use EverSync's backup? How do I get EverSync to give Speed Dial access? IS EVERSYNC THE SERVER THAT TAKES PRIORITY IN DATA MERGE? I don't dare sync my laptop with my desktop, because if I do it wrong, I'll wipe the desktop's dials too.