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settings backup

gork 4 years ago updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 7

I'm not sure if I'm going mad but I could swear I was able to backup and restore the whole configuration file through the extension FVD or everSynch I dont remember but I did it just yesterday. Now I cannot find it. I looked everywhere no luck. Did you guys remove that option over night? I was counting on that feature when I decided to reset my windows 10.

Under review


No, we didn't change anything. Could you send screenshot?

I'm pretty sure there was an another 3rd column in this section for backing up configuration file.

Please try to logout and login again.

I logged out and logged in. I still cant see configuration backup column. 

Just to be clear, there should be a third colum for config backups right?

Could you send current screenshot?

Screenshot? again? I already did send a screenshot. but here again;

and again the problem I'm having is that I cannot see the backup/restore option for configuration file of FVD firefox extension. I remember using it just a couple of days ago. Now I cannot see it.

Hmm, we will check it.