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Forget the Eversync/Everhelper saving or restoring functionality, because neither leaves your Groups in the arrangment you have on your firefox installation.

The ONLY one that works is doing it with the flat file export and then import. The only pain with that is, that it needs to overwrite everything and that takes time to recreate the dials, just as you would with a new installation.

But for me, that is still less time and less frustrating than spending hours to try to rearrange the order of my groups. I have too many to deal with.

Since there will never be a version with Sub-Categories, this is the only workable thing I found when you have more than 100 Groups

tried both. The ONLY thing that ever works properly is going to the FVD dropdown, open it up and click the cogwheel, then select the left firt entry: Export. Copy to Clipboard. Close the app.

Then use Notepad on your computer, click "paste", wait for a little, once you see pasting is complete, save the file as text (UTF-8 encoding) whatever name. Remember where you save it to [desktop is good].

Then go to your other device and open firefox, open the FVD, and click "Import". That is it.

The only thing you do not get is the custom Icon saved, in the case have some of those. But this method will save the perfect arrangement of your groups!

This also works for Chrome as well as Opera.

I so far used to post Pvt. message - but not anymore. I too had raised this in the FVD and the Everhelper section several times over many months on and off and last year and the year before. There is no real change.

Hi. I too have the same issue. But, rather than waiting for a final update on that, I went ahead and simply created a new group naming it 00. That short name provides a slim enough button that you don't lose a lot of space. And shove that one at the very top in your group sorting panel. That way, you never have to deal with that again. Your very first clickable dial is to the right of the 00 dial [empty or just some 2 dials whatever].

It saves me from getting frustrated with the guesswork of clicking the first dial - LOL.

Thank you for the update.

Have a great weekend!

It is OK. I believe it is already night time for you. Tomorrow is OK too - LOL

HI, I sent from google drive a sharable link with download rights [81MB] to


I finally had time to record a video.

You can just double click on the video thumbnail and will play.

You will see clearly how the dial jumps back to the place it initially was when I opened the browser.

All dials in every group arrange themselves randomly where ever. And never at the same spot. I have to find a dial every time new.does not matter what group or dial. It happens throughout. The only thing that remains still properly is at least it does not switch dials out between groups.

But this is by now nearly impossible to work, especially when I am on a deadline. I use FVD every day, all the time. I remember we had that problem before once or twice whenever Firefox did a more radical update. But it was always resolved rather quickly. This time it still is the same mess.

I did go and created a new profile in Firefox, just to make sure nothing is corrupt. Also tested ever extension I use, one by one. Also, everything checked out fine.

It's not the greatest video but should be sufficient for you to see what happens. The dial literally jumps back to where it was positioned before. I also tried to reposition in one group, and then immediately open up the FVD dashboard to save the groups and dials etc. But this had no impact.

I do still have AnyDesk installed on my computer... If you need to we can do that too. Just let me know in advance what day and time.

I am on US central time.



I think this problem is back again with the 74.0 mozilla version. I got all my thumbnails back but they are in utterly random places. I order them again in one group, the moment I go to another group, the ordered thumbnails jump right back to any random spot. This is tedious when you have more than 40 or so dials and the one es I work with all the time I have always in the first few rows - but now it is guessing where the dial is located, have to scroll slow enough to find that.

Also, I just noticed that the homepage - I have always had FVD as my home page - now this does not work either. Despite that, I have it to take over the default homepage.

I have for getting a new tab to open with one of my categories in speed-dial. It always worked beautifully until 2 pm yesterday, the moment I updated Firefox to the 73.0.1 update. Right after that I only get a blank page.  It gives the correct url [new tab as my FVD homepage category, but the page is simply blank. 

I also tried to reach the result by manual creating a new tab - but it also just gives me a blank page again.

Right now, to get the speed-dial page. It is definitely Mozilla that is at fault, as with several other things they change with every update, that breaks the entire top menu section, tabs are again on top, etc. etc.

I started using a side panel since FF 70.0, just so I can work with a halfway decent organized. Mozilla has now still a long way to go before that browser is efficiently usable for developers.

I do just about anything in order to be able to keep FVD speed dials working the way I have them.

I also started again using Opera, also with speed-dial [syncing does not really work well because it does not arrange the groups in the same order as I have them in firefox.

But it is easy to export from firefox using the text save, and then just import from that to opera. That works flawlessly.

I am up for anydesk if you need it. I just need to know what time frame if that is necessary.

Thank you so much for everything you have done all these years.