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Auto Update Dials not working properly in latest Firefox 73.0.1 - February 24,2020

mediapuck Michele 4 years ago updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 2

The auto-update only works when using it on a single dial manually.

But it does not work globally at all. I select Auto-update and it comes back "successful - but selecting the number of days and minutes change on the global - nothing happens it simply does not react. All I can do is cancel the window without being able to make the change from 1 Minute and to either 0 or 1 day etc., I am stuck with 6 days every minute or something.

It does not really matter because clicking save does nothing. I can only "Cancel" out of it.

Also, I just noticed that the homepage - I have always had FVD as my home page - now this does not work either. Despite that, I have it to take over the default homepage.

I have for getting a new tab to open with one of my categories in speed-dial. It always worked beautifully until 2 pm yesterday, the moment I updated Firefox to the 73.0.1 update. Right after that I only get a blank page.  It gives the correct url [new tab as my FVD homepage category, but the page is simply blank. 

I also tried to reach the result by manual creating a new tab - but it also just gives me a blank page again.

Right now, to get the speed-dial page. It is definitely Mozilla that is at fault, as with several other things they change with every update, that breaks the entire top menu section, tabs are again on top, etc. etc.

I started using a side panel since FF 70.0, just so I can work with a halfway decent organized. Mozilla has now still a long way to go before that browser is efficiently usable for developers.

I do just about anything in order to be able to keep FVD speed dials working the way I have them.

I also started again using Opera, also with speed-dial [syncing does not really work well because it does not arrange the groups in the same order as I have them in firefox.

But it is easy to export from firefox using the text save, and then just import from that to opera. That works flawlessly.

I am up for anydesk if you need it. I just need to know what time frame if that is necessary.

Thank you so much for everything you have done all these years.

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I can' reproduce problem ( I added several sites and set auto-update once a minute. And every minute all sites were updated. Did you try to reinstall addon?