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FVD Speed Dial sorting - does not remember arrangement

mediapuck Michele 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 7

Firefox 61.0.1 since update

Dials do not stay the way I have them arranged. Example: Group: LOGINS - the first row I have the most often used dials.

Suddenly, one or two of those arranged there suddenly wind up on the bottom of the dials [LOGIN] group page.

It allows for the dial to be moved again to be positioned on the first row, but once I use any dial to open a page, those previously found on the bottom are now again back on the bottom - i.e. the last dials [as if it would be a brand new dial.

This is cumbersome because I now always have to look for a specific dial within a group. Renders my arrangements useless and the time-consuming way to find a dial that used to be in a specific order, now no longer is in its place.

Under review


Can you record video with problem? I can't repeat.


I finally had time to record a video.


You can just double click on the video thumbnail and will play.

You will see clearly how the dial jumps back to the place it initially was when I opened the browser.

All dials in every group arrange themselves randomly where ever. And never at the same spot. I have to find a dial every time new.does not matter what group or dial. It happens throughout. The only thing that remains still properly is at least it does not switch dials out between groups.

But this is by now nearly impossible to work, especially when I am on a deadline. I use FVD every day, all the time. I remember we had that problem before once or twice whenever Firefox did a more radical update. But it was always resolved rather quickly. This time it still is the same mess.

I did go and created a new profile in Firefox, just to make sure nothing is corrupt. Also tested ever extension I use, one by one. Also, everything checked out fine.

It's not the greatest video but should be sufficient for you to see what happens. The dial literally jumps back to where it was positioned before. I also tried to reposition in one group, and then immediately open up the FVD dashboard to save the groups and dials etc. But this had no impact.

I do still have AnyDesk installed on my computer... If you need to we can do that too. Just let me know in advance what day and time.

I am on US central time.




Sorry for delay. Please allow access to video,

HI, I sent from google drive a sharable link with download rights [81MB] to team@nimbusweb.co

It is OK. I believe it is already night time for you. Tomorrow is OK too - LOL


Ok, i see, We made some fixes and waiting approval from Mozilla team.

Thank you for the update.

Have a great weekend!