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Thumbnails no longer stick

DRW 3 years ago updated by EMK - Mediapuck 3 years ago 9

I'm running 72.1.5 version of the plugin on firefox75.0b3 on windows 1909 /18363.720
I tried on several computer running on different version of firefox.
All th computer that were updated to the latest windows about 3 days ago   no longer have thumbnails "stinking"  they get created when you refresh but appear black ilf you close and reopen a tab.

Under review


We have fixed problem and waitng approval from Mozilla team.

Fixed with 72.1.9  Thanks

I think this problem is back again with the 74.0 mozilla version. I got all my thumbnails back but they are in utterly random places. I order them again in one group, the moment I go to another group, the ordered thumbnails jump right back to any random spot. This is tedious when you have more than 40 or so dials and the one es I work with all the time I have always in the first few rows - but now it is guessing where the dial is located, have to scroll slow enough to find that.

Did you update app?

problem seems to be up again in version 75.0 (32 Bit)


Did you update app?


I too had that problem after updating to 75.0 [46 + 32 Bit]

I saved first all my dials the conventional way [text file [saving as unicode]

Then deleted the extension from the browser, as well as the eversync extension.

I rebooted my computer. Opened Firefox, installed both extensions now brand new, then imported my saved text from the text file [copy/paste]. I took a little bit because I have by now close to 4 thousand dials. It was maybe between 3 to 4 minutes.

Once the dials were back - yes, I had to allow it to auto-sync to get the thumbnails back. But once that was done [I just left it alone for a few hours at night] and voila - all my dials were there when I checked in the morning.

No problem ever since. I am using FVD in Firefox, Opera and the latest version of Edge. same procedure on each browser. 

I do not mind having to do this because without FVD I would not be able to work anymore. 

I do make manual backups [copy and save as *txt [unicode]

Hope this helps -:)

yes, indeed,

it works.


Am glad it also worked for you.

I do know that the Nimbus team has been working on this since the last firefox update. They have been waiting for the approval they must get for every change they make. But Firefox came rather quickly this last update, so I thought, I do it just again what worked for me the last time.

And you are welcom -:)