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Just wondering, is anyone interested in this?
Would a good translation be "Add the ability to change the search engine?"  (I used Google Translate.)
east paw, I am aware of that setting, unfortunately I would like to keep one "+" dial while removing the others, rather than removing all of the "+" dials.  Thank you for your suggestions, however. :)
I agree as long as a master password can be used as well.  Here's one idea:  When locking groups, have radio buttons (checkboxes) for each group, as well as a button to select/deselect all.
I agree; see also my topic "Extra 'Add Dial' Dials" for a visual.
I agree, as long as we can choose which search engines we want to include, rather than having a preset list.  For example, many people would want to use Wikipedia; I don't even want to have it listed because it isn't an academic resource.  Two different preferences, but they can be easily realized by a customizable selection.  Also, having a customizable selection would allow a person to utilize an uncommon search engine, such as Bible Gateway, Merriam-Webster, or Firefox Add-ons.  Many search engine add-ons have this feature.
Yes, I was looking at that.  When I first started posting my ideas though, I looked all over for the category for the Firefox version and could only find the one for the Chrome version.  Now the category is right beneath the one for Chrome, so maybe it was updated, or maybe I just missed it somehow.  I might as well move my discussions over there.
I'm sorry you misunderstood me, but I was talking about a feature specific to Mozilla Firefox.  Unfortunately I have no idea how to make the required behavior work in Google Chrome because I do not use Chrome.  I should have been more specific Lee Bartholomew had mentioned both Firefox and Chrome.
Okay, I have so many extensions installed its hard trying to pin down the behavior to a certain one.  Try these values in about:config:                    false                                                    true

I have no idea if this is related:                                 false

You might not have these, if not I'm not sure where they came form:
chromedit.lastopstabopen                                                                                       2
chromedit.lasttabopen                                                                                             3

I also have an extension called "Fasterfox" installed.  If nothing else works you may want to download that (if you haven't, that is of course) and look for this value:
extensions.fasterfox.lastTab                                                                                    6

That's all I can find for now, but if none of those work, let me know and I'll look a little deeper.  I hope it helps!