Option to use different backgrounds for each group.

Ben H 10 years ago updated by Jonathan Miller 9 years ago 2
Note: Someone else previously posted this request in the "FVD Speed Dial - Chrome" category.  I am adding it to this category because I use Firefox rather than Chrome.

I want to be able to use different backgrounds in different groups.  For example, I would love to be able to put a picture of a shuttle launch for a "Science" group, use a mountain background for the main group, and so on according to whim.  Besides aesthitics, one reason to set a different background for each group would be that I could know instantly which group I am in just by looking at the background (particularly when first opening a new tab) . Groups I would like to have the same background for I could easily set with the same picture. I have another new tab addon that I used before finding FVD, which allowed me to use backgrounds for various groups, and that was the one feature I liked most about it.
Just wondering, is anyone interested in this?