After closing the last tab there should speeddail be opened.

Peter Brenner 11 years ago updated by linda55 10 years ago 10

After closing the last tab there should speeddail be opened. to close the browser just want to use the closebutton from the OS. Lust like in Opera-Browser.

That would be nice.  I keep closing Firefox accidentally  with the L close gesture.  Gotta be a way to prevent that.  Otherewise it's a great  addon.  Although for Chrome no so much.  Very buggy in Chrome so removed it there because it messed up my addon in Firefox.

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Hi, in the meantime try this:  Type "about:config" in the navigation bar and select "Yes, I'll be careful!" in the resulting prompt.  Find or type in the search box "browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab" and then set the value to "false."  Now whenever you close the last tab you should be automatically redirected to a new tab, which should be FVD Speed Dial.  If you have any problems, please let me know.
I don't know what Chrome venue you refer, but on a PC and the latest Chrome, there is no 'about:config'.  The closest I understand to be 'chrome://flags', and your parm is not there.
tried the about:config in firefox but it doesn't do anything as it's already at false.  As for what Chrome your referring to there are two products  it runs on Firefox and Chrome.  Reading helps.
Okay, I have so many extensions installed its hard trying to pin down the behavior to a certain one.  Try these values in about:config:
extensions.fvd_speed_dial.sd.closeWindowWithLastTab_prev_state                    false
extensions.fvd_speed_dial.sd.show_in_last_tab                                                    true

I have no idea if this is related:
extensions.fvd_speed_dial.sd.display_can_turn_off_newtab                                 false

You might not have these, if not I'm not sure where they came form:
chromedit.lastopstabopen                                                                                       2
chromedit.lasttabopen                                                                                             3

I also have an extension called "Fasterfox" installed.  If nothing else works you may want to download that (if you haven't, that is of course) and look for this value:
extensions.fasterfox.lastTab                                                                                    6

That's all I can find for now, but if none of those work, let me know and I'll look a little deeper.  I hope it helps!
Yeah, I read, thanks for offering.  The thing is, I've never used any of this developer's products before now, and I got to this forum thread by using the FVD Speed Dial installed on my Chrome Browser, then pulled down the Speed Dial menu, Settings, Mail icon, Submit Suggestion. The title at the top of this page I'm typing in says ...
  • FVD Media Inc → EverHelper → FVD Speed Dial - Chrome
With that, I don't expect Firefox comments here.  I'm sensing that the FVD mice in the exercise wheel are running as fast as they can.  Being that Chrome doesn't have about:config, what do the mice suggest? 
Yes, I was looking at that.  When I first started posting my ideas though, I looked all over for the category for the Firefox version and could only find the one for the Chrome version.  Now the category is right beneath the one for Chrome, so maybe it was updated, or maybe I just missed it somehow.  I might as well move my discussions over there.
I'm sorry you misunderstood me, but I was talking about a feature specific to Mozilla Firefox.  Unfortunately I have no idea how to make the required behavior work in Google Chrome because I do not use Chrome.  I should have been more specific Lee Bartholomew had mentioned both Firefox and Chrome.