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Another search engine likely won't happen.  I suspect the dev gets money kickbacks for driving people to yandex.  I suppressed the search in this tool and just use what I want in the browser.
I can imagine a number of ways to make the 'add dial' function easier.  How about drag-drop from the bookmark manager?  Also, why not just make a folder in the bookmark manager be a dial group/page, anything added to that bookmark folder would then be automatically in the group.  Sometimes people can program, but not imagine.  You need both for a good product.
It might be nice if there was a tool with the look of Speed Dial, but used your existing bookmarks for the Speed Dials.  You could designate a specific folder in your regular bookmarks to be a Speed Dial group.  Call it maybe SpeedMarks.
Seems to works fine for the rest of us. Bye.
Yeah, I read, thanks for offering.  The thing is, I've never used any of this developer's products before now, and I got to this forum thread by using the FVD Speed Dial installed on my Chrome Browser, then pulled down the Speed Dial menu, Settings, Mail icon, Submit Suggestion. The title at the top of this page I'm typing in says ...
  • FVD Media Inc → EverHelper → FVD Speed Dial - Chrome
With that, I don't expect Firefox comments here.  I'm sensing that the FVD mice in the exercise wheel are running as fast as they can.  Being that Chrome doesn't have about:config, what do the mice suggest? 
So the answer to the original question of 'please provide options' is 'it is what it is, if you don't like it ,turn it off'?  Is there any plan to implement his request?  I'd like to see other search engines to select from.
I agree with this request, would really like to see this.
That would be nice, I'd like to see it too.  In the mean time, I've added a Bookmarks speed dial, using 'chrome://bookmarks' as the URL.  I even created my own photo background and use Custom image for the dial.  I keep a copy of it as the last speed dial in each group.
I really want this too.  I just came to Chrome from Firefox, where it's ver of Speed Dial (another dev?) has it.  Whats the status of this?  I'm a programmer too.  One of the hardest things for me to remember is to first program features that the users want, not new things that I dream up and think are cool.

Also separate backgrounds for groups, with the background applying to the group's tab too (green tab brings up the green group).
I don't know what Chrome venue you refer, but on a PC and the latest Chrome, there is no 'about:config'.  The closest I understand to be 'chrome://flags', and your parm is not there.