able to create subfolders

Nathan Ross 11 years ago updated by InfoDan 6 years ago 4

create subfolders in each dial. i.e. games, then folder with ea. title & links to that specific title. this would allow one "tab" vs 20 (or whatever you'd need)

Yeah, this also would allow to handle priorities between pages. I really don't like putting the pages i view the most on a subject alongside the pages that I added just out of curiosity. They takes away space and create confusion.

In my mind the capability to hierarchize contents is a big matter for a bookmarking app. 

It might be nice if there was a tool with the look of Speed Dial, but used your existing bookmarks for the Speed Dials.  You could designate a specific folder in your regular bookmarks to be a Speed Dial group.  Call it maybe SpeedMarks.

Yes, subfolders would be great !

But not if it takes 4 more years to implement :(