Customize Group Tabs

joetnguyen07 10 years ago updated by JeeperDon 9 years ago 5
Add settings to adjust and pick the colors of the tabs, such as the font color, the idle color and hover color of the tabs. Also add a setting to adjust the overall size of the tabs.
I agree with this request, would really like to see this.
Completely agree! If you say you are the best dial of the web, you need provide the best features. Not just the basic. Please, make the custom things possible and the users will increase 1000%.
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The default green does not fit in at all with any of my themes I have created, also there is no opacity, we need to be able to.
  • Turn off showing group tabs (I only use 1! these tabs are pointless clutter)
  • Change their color & opacity
  • Have the group name set the <title> of the page
It's been a year since this was requested.  I have not seen any changes to the product from this feedback site, nor have I seen any comment on any request by anyone from FVD Media Inc.  Is anyone out there?