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Chiming in here: Firefox 71.0 has nothing to do with speeddials no longer working. I too have 71.0 latest update, and my speeddials are working fine as they always do.

But, in case you just don't see them - try and simply "disable the addin" close the browser. Reboot your computer, Open Firefox and enable the addin FVD again. If you don't see your dials right away, then simply open a new tab as you would normally. It all depends how you had your dials configured [example: either have dials as your start/home page or only when you open a new tab etc.

It has largely to do with how you have your FVD customized.

Hope that works for you.

And yes, Anydesk is a very normal procedure. It gives you the control no matter what, as to which files [usually just FF profile] - and "NO" I am not part of Nimbus, I am just another FVD user, that had several problems over the past 2 years, but all were remedied fast and quick. 

I had it set to that but the latest Mozilla update changed it o the default page of Firefox.

It does not matter if upload or download - it simply never completes. Also,  I have a new clean firefox installed, latest version, and to my horror, I see that when I chose to overwrite "local" , it opens hundreds of windows to the tune of pushing firefox brink of 10 GB.

By now, I gave up on managing bookmarks with eversync. It never completes anyway. 

Too bad - it used to be good - but it gets worse as time goes on. Just wished there would be at least the option to html file, so I can sort them manually and forget using eversync.

Right now I am "downloading" the bookmarks and within a few minutes, it's using already 1.7GB in firefox. I will need to stop this before it reaches again 10 + GB's.

This is totally unreal.

I received your email from yesterday. Well you want me to send my database - first I need to know "which" one since nothing ever synced properly, I have FVD in Firefox, also in Chrome, and in Opera. I use all three browsers daily.

But I see in each browser very different numbers for bothL: the Speed Dials as well as the bookmarks.

And at this point, all I want is to SEPARATE my Bookmarks and not to be handled at all by FVD.

Because, it tripled my bookmarks - for some insane reason - in Firefox. which then showed some 42 thousand bookmarks. Tonight I opened Opera, and eversync blinked for the bookmarks. So, I let it sync. It took  exactly 2: 45 hours until it finally stopped. I now have over 130 thousand bookmarks showing in Opera. Again, complete different numbers.

This is far too much effort.

How do I separate my bookmarks from FVD???? I will handle them myself after I have duplicates deleted. I will do just fine with the default of each browser handling the bookmarks. Have done this since 1993 - I should be certainly capable of handling bookmarks that should not be more than what I had "before" FVD started handling them for me.

Since everything would be deleted if I uninstall FVD - I have no choice but to ask here how can I separate my bookmarks. I tried downloading, well it never finishes of course because of the insane amount that is now in my Opera browser. I have to take that one, simply because there is now no way of knowing which browser actually would hold the correct ones.

I await your reply to my email.

Thank you

yes, they  should have kept the original backup as in .sd files.

it does not really work properly anymore since 61.0.1 FF version. Bookmarks sync/or download etc. simply never completes. I waited for over 60 minutes, still sitting there. Tried again and again. Am finally giving up on it.

Plus, same happens with the speed dials. Half of them never sync but then simply showing a "0" in a group because it never finishes. Dials are OK on the majority, but just til the point where it spins itself endless.

I lost now plenty of dials. there is a discrepancy between the same group name online backup and the actual number of groups is always different. Same for syncing with chrome or opera - it does NOT sync ,  leaving me with 3 different setups at this point: one in FF, one in Chrome and one in Opera - none reflects my hirachie/order of groups, or the number of dials.

I have tried for weeks now - but think   I am giving up, after finally losing at least 1/3rd of my dials due to the constant trying.

That makes speed dial obsolete if it cannot be stable or trusted with my dials and bookmarks. I cannot even make a true comparison, since it spits out on each browser its own, random arrangements of groups as well as bookmarks.

Sorry - I still think visually it is the best out there on the market, and while it worked, it was fantastic. But now it is no longer usable for me.

Hi, need to be able to select the group before adding :)

It used to be in the dropdown contect when right-clicked.  But FVD Speeddial is no longer there now.

It is OK, I will wait until the 57 FF release and your release.

I have an identical setup with Waterfox, where I disabled updates for now, so I can use that browser for now.

I simply imported my local *.sd backup to load the dials in. No problem there. Plus I can keep it synced with everhelper :), thanks to you.

Just also saying a BIG Thank You for everything you do :).

Thank you for all the hard work, especially now with FF throwing out the majority of add ons. There ca. 23 thousand+ and they are reducing it to ca. 3000 with the 57 release on November 14th, 2017.

"aiden" instead of lamenting you should consider that you had this benefit for FREE for all this time with no problems.

The author does not owe you anything!

If you are so hot to keep going with this add on, then simply switch to Waterfox [the 64-bit] and bingo, you have your dials back, even with their latest version that came out just today.

Or - yet another solution for you: find another browser where you can have exactly everything and always what you want.

I do know how frustrating it is to find out that something you took for granted suddenly no longer works. But to berate the author that has made it available for free and took long hours am sure over time - he/she/they deserve better than that.

No - I am NOT associated with the authors - just someone that dislikes when people berate others instead of politely asking.