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Pls Update for FIREFOX 57

pohka174 7 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 6 years ago 8

Pls Update for  FIREFOX 57

Under review

Already working on it. Soon will be released

this is really stupid, you have known for months that you had to have this update released for FVD to work from 57 and onwards but you have ignored it and really let yourself down.  sorry but releasing a sub par dial and then having to pull it when 57 is already in beta shows a very slack approach here

We already launched one of the updates. But  it takes time to approve it.


then how about releasing it here so that those of us who know how to can install it without having to wait for mozila to approve it.  that also gives you the chance to have people beta testing it and letting you know issues they find

Thanks for all the hard work, on getting this updated being it is a free extension :)


Thank you for all the hard work, especially now with FF throwing out the majority of add ons. There ca. 23 thousand+ and they are reducing it to ca. 3000 with the 57 release on November 14th, 2017.

"aiden" instead of lamenting you should consider that you had this benefit for FREE for all this time with no problems.

The author does not owe you anything!

If you are so hot to keep going with this add on, then simply switch to Waterfox [the 64-bit] and bingo, you have your dials back, even with their latest version that came out just today.

Or - yet another solution for you: find another browser where you can have exactly everything and always what you want.

I do know how frustrating it is to find out that something you took for granted suddenly no longer works. But to berate the author that has made it available for free and took long hours am sure over time - he/she/they deserve better than that.

No - I am NOT associated with the authors - just someone that dislikes when people berate others instead of politely asking.

the problem i having is that i installed speed dial it work a few time then it stop it will not go to the site i setup on the dials and i am using 56.0 Firefox and when i update Firefox thru the song and dance to fix it and still does not work can you not update your software to match Firefox updates or can i buy the software with the updates the it does it aromatically install. please help me i like this software program.


Try to reinstall addon. What version of FVD Speed Dial do you use in Firefox 56? It should be old XUL version 23.