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Multiple Google Accounts

Eric D. Gingrich 6 years ago in EverSync - Chrome • updated 6 years ago 3

Eversync worked for my first google chrome account, but when I tried to set it up on my second google account I kept getting either a "sync failed," or it didn't have my bookmarks after restarting chrome, or it hung on the "syncing this may take 40 seconds" dialog box.


Being able to group dials together would be useful.

Alice3173 5 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - FireFox 0
For example this:

That is all under one group where I want it but I'd like to have sub-groupings for forums, image based sites, and miscellaneous ones.

app icons

Steven Henthorn 4 years ago in EverSync - Chrome 0
It would be great to have my app icons be conserved and not destroyed when I download from the server. I like using the App icons for the websites, I have been using EverSynch for all my bookmarks in Firefox and Chrome on my work and home Computers / laptops. It would be great if the synch would include the app icons.

Otherwise this app is perfect for me I have 2300+ bookmarks which I have cultivated over 19 years.
Thanks for a great product.
Under review

Keeps deleting all my dials! Major problemo!

Yang YinYang 5 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 1

jen lipps 4 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome 0
it should be my decision to put on my browser bookmarks or to import what i may.Google Chrome will not allow me to do so...

Bookmarks Sync does not seem to be working properly in Crome

Chris L. Fearon 4 years ago in EverSync - Chrome 0
Browser bookmarks and Server Bookmarks not Syncronising
Under review

Sync Dials Disaster

John 5 years ago in EverSync - Chrome • updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 1
Dials all beautifully set up on my laptop with Windows 7 - have 7 groups with a variety of dials using web sites and some using local file pictures. On my windows 8 machine the sync turns chrome into a mess with dials going to the wrong web site, missing dials, missing groups and the worse thing? Cannot seem to get out of the problem and start again on my windows 8 machine so now chrome is useless as far as I am concerned. What can be difficult about a sync that is get the server stuff and dump it down its nowt as though any fancy syncing is going on. Very annoyed that this is now a mess. Want to get rid of files so I can start again but which ones and where. 

New feature and it will be GREAT

wesam kamal 5 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - FireFox • updated by Antony Dickens 2 years ago 2
This extension is very good but there is a feature I need. The feature is save your speed dial links to protect it from losing either by mistake or by installing another windows. Feature enables you to have the links easy and fast

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