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jump of paragraph

Michel AMORETTI 6 years ago updated by nimbusweb 6 years ago 6

Would it be possible to create a jump of paragraph (as under Word) in the same group of short cut?

Under review


Can you describe or show screenshot?

Yes, Hello for all (excuse me)

For exemple (like this image),

Or, for describe : I want to have 1 group (sport), with 3 paragraph : First wirth short cut of Archery, Second with worthcut of paintball, third with Rugby. Each paragraph will haven't have the same number of short cut. And to add a new short cut, then put one empty buttom.

As i understand you mean sub-groups?

Hello, yes, i mean sub-groups, or same things


Some news for this idea ?


No, we are working for migrate Firefox version to web-ext.