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Excessive FVD Speed Dial Backups In Cyberfox Profile

MrGrimm2635599 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 7

i use a program to backup everything for cyberfox which is a custom firefox. i have noticed of late that my backup is around 600 megs versus it's normal 90 to 120 megs. i decided to go through my profile folder on c and see what was so big, and i found that fvd had saved about 20 backups. i don't believe that this is fvd's normal behavior. i selected all of them, archived them, ran cyberfox to make sure it would run without issue with the backups gone, cf performed perfectly, so deleted the archive, did a new cf backup and it was under 100 megs. any suggestions and or ideas on how to fix fvd so it would keep so many backups on in it's backup folder in my profile?

i should add that i originally did this on the 21st. today i did a new cf backup and it was 611 megs. i went into fvd's backup folder again and sure enough over 10 backups, so once again i had to delete them all and do another cf backup.

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It is normal - we store 30 backups (dials and previews)

hello i'm sorry but i'm not buying that it's normal. i have been using fvdsd for a long time and this issue with the over-bloated cf backup just started within the last 2 weeks.there must be some way in fvd for the enduser to either limit or stop all together the automatic backups. i'm very good about making sure whatever i need backed up gets backed up, so i'd just as soon do a manual local bacckup.

Have you added many dials past two weeks? We also keep Speed dial previews and sometimes those images may have size up to 300kb-1000kb

that's not the issue. the profile / settings backup is more than 94.4 megs(200 megs to be precise)if i uncompress the .backup file, so yes i understand that the images do take up a fair bit of space. the issue is the unnecessary need for 30 local speed dial backups stored locally. please don't get me wrong i love fvdsd. i have tried others and they all fall short of what fvdsd is. i just want either a way in fvdsd to limit the number of local backups, a way through fvdsd to directly delete some of the backups without having to drill so far into the file system to get rid if them before backing up cyberfox. i honestly would settle for having a direct link to the fvdsd backup folder in fvd somewhere, or to be able to add a dial that is a direct link to the local folder.

o.k. since NO ONE wants to really address this i found a work-around. i added the folder to ccleaner to be emptied when ccleaner runs. i have had ccleaner scheduled to run every night at 3 am. just tested and alls good.