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EverSync seems not to sync the FF bookmark LABEL property!!!

Apekop 3 years ago in EverSync - FireFox 0
I use the Firefox bookmark label often for (much) better search results. But after sync my bookmarks to a new computer they have arrived there without their label: very incomplete - nearly unusable for me.

Restored bookmarks because almost ALL were missing (Firefox).

Josh T. 3 years ago in EverSync - FireFox 0
Restored bookmarks because almost ALL were missing (Firefox). Installed EverSync Jan 1 in Firefox (Windows 7 64) and Android phone.  Did not make any mods to bookmarks imported into phone (and they still exist there).
Restore options show progressively smaller bookmark backup totals beginning yesterday at 10:25pm then bottom out at 7:17 this morning (1645--1282--223).

Toolbar missing from Bookmark Panel (CTRL+B)

Kenneth Zhang 3 years ago in EverSync - FireFox 0
I installed EverHelper on my Android Galaxy Tab 2. I installed Firefox v37 and Eversync addon. I did a merge update. When I view my bookmark panel by pressing CTRL+B, it's empty. I can't even access the toolbar folder even though it is shown it in the bookmark toolbar underneath the address bar.


Does not sync FireFox Toolbar root folders

c600g 4 days ago in EverSync - FireFox • updated 20 hours ago 4

Removed folder with links server side (in Toolbar folder) but in FF it only removed the links in the folder.


Firefox EverSync Issue - It Makes Duplicate Folders, but Duplicates are Blank

onion_eater_2 4 days ago in EverSync - FireFox • updated by Gleb Khegay 10 hours ago 2

In Firefox, I use the Bookmarks Toolbar and have multiple folders to organize my bookmarks.  I seem to be getting duplicates of all my folders where the added duplicate has the same name, but is empty.  This does not happen in Chrome, only Firefox. 


Doesn´t work on firefox.

Fábio Heidrich 1 week ago in EverSync - FireFox • updated by Gleb Khegay 2 hours ago 1

It´s impossible to sync bookmarks on firefox. Doesn´t work merge/upload/download option.


Eversyncn Firefox 59.0.2 - Win 10 issue

alessio 2 weeks ago in EverSync - FireFox • updated 2 weeks ago 1


I installed Eversync on Chrome and Firefox on Win7 and on Chrome on Win10 without any problem, but I got an issue on Firefox 59.0.2 Win 10.

At first I installed it but I couldn't log in, I got repeated message "An error has occurred. Return to login."

So I deactivated all other extensions, uninstalled it and tried installing again.

To my surprise it got even worse. 

Eversync icon is broken and there is no menu.

Here is what I get:

Now if I uninstall and reinstall I get the same issue.

Is there a way to delete eversync settings to try a clean install?

Any other help?



Where does EverSync for Firefox store local bookmarks backups?

Matthew Pollock 2 weeks ago in EverSync - FireFox • updated by Gleb Khegay 9 hours ago 2

Of course, I can see my local EverSync bookmarks backups by clicking the Backups tab.  Very nice.  They are said to be 'local' but I cannot find them on my PC.  I can however find the bookmarks backups that Firefox makes automatically, but they are different, and are stored in Profiles.  Where are Eversync's local bookmarks backups?


Sync never "stops"

JustMe 3 weeks ago in EverSync - FireFox 0

added to FF 59 upgraded browser - did upload first - sync never ended - subsequent manual syncs don't stop either - had it on auto sync every 30 minutes - could not tell it was working - had serious other issues with FF59 so down graded to FF 58.0.2 and re-installed eversync - same thing

also don't know or understand what the "trashed" bookmarks are on the initial dashboard when logging in - since there are quite a few - i think i better find out what eversync has decided are "trash"


zero bookmarks on my firefox browser (on desktop and on laptop)

dmjpaiva 3 weeks ago in EverSync - FireFox 0

I have just installed the extension on all my browsers in desktop and laptop, and begun syncing through chrome on desktop (it was the most updated version of my bookmarks). Then, i tried to sync on firefox by downloading the full set from the app's servers, but all it did was delete my firefox's bookmarks. Nothing will work, except to restore bookmarks to old its old version, which do not contain all i need.

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