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I'll test it tonight cuz it happens only when the computer has been asleep for more than 2 hours. So, if it happens again, tell me what to do next. Like FVD logs or something?

That won't help until you release the next update. I've already tried that but the moment I install it back it creates new backups, despite that I remove the ticks from those checkboxes.

Can you tell me in which folder of Firefox these backups are stored, so that I can delete them manually until you fix the issue?

That's right, Gleb.

I misread the second question. I thought you were talking about the external eversync. So, to correct the mistake - the answer is "yes, I use the built-in sync feature".

"Yes" on the latest version and "no" on the second question because when I used to use it and tried to sync stuff with it, there was a message similar to "syncing was moved to FVD SD options, therefore you no longer need EverSync".