Sync website won't remember settings - Linux AND Windows Firefox

rado84 6 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 6 years ago 11

In both Linux and Windows Firefox the website where the user can sync dials and bookmarks there are three boxes for autosyncing and autobacking up stuff. I normally want them all disabled because I have my own way of backing up these things (aside from the online syncing), so I remove the ticks from them. However, they remain removed only until I close the browser. The next time I open the browser, they're back.

Can you please fix this? I don't need backups every 30 minutes, not to mention they take space. I know it's not much space but I still don't want backups.

Hi. We will work on this issue with our programmers.

Do you have only this option reseted after restart? Do you use any cleaners or cookies cleaning procedures?

I use bleachbit on both systems but I alwys uncheck Firefox, so that bleachbit skips Firefox.

This problem occurs only in Firefox. Never had this in Chrome(ium).

P.S. I am rado84 (the OP) but my phone remembers a different github account. :o

Do you use the latest version of Firefox ? Do you use FVD Speed Dial with built-in EverSync?

"Yes" on the latest version and "no" on the second question because when I used to use it and tried to sync stuff with it, there was a message similar to "syncing was moved to FVD SD options, therefore you no longer need EverSync".

syncing was moved to FVD SD options, therefore you no longer need EverSync

This message you can see in separate EverSync addon. So now you use FVD Speed Dial with built-in EverSync as I understand.

That's right, Gleb.

I misread the second question. I thought you were talking about the external eversync. So, to correct the mistake - the answer is "yes, I use the built-in sync feature".

Can you tell me in which folder of Firefox these backups are stored, so that I can delete them manually until you fix the issue?

I can advise you to reinstall addon to clean your backup database.

We'll fix the bug with autosync settings in the next update.

That won't help until you release the next update. I've already tried that but the moment I install it back it creates new backups, despite that I remove the ticks from those checkboxes.

Hello! We've fixed your problem. Look forward to the next update. We'll update FVD Speed Dial soon.