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And now mine is working. I didn't even restart Firefox. Just opened a new tab and there they were. Thanks!

Mine is still the same also.

Windows 7, Firefox 60.0.1 (64-bit)

There is another post about this from 3 hours ago. My Speed Dial screen is there, and the tabs at the top say I have 16 dials, but the page is blank. I've restarted both Firefox and my computer, and nothing.

Windows 7
Firefox 60.0.1 (updated 05.21.18 with no issues until the FVD update today.)

Work computer, haven't used it since Friday. I also use Speed Dial at home, but the Chrome version (and that one is fine.)

Same. My Speed Dial page is there, and it shows that I have 16 saved links on my Speed Dial, but none of them are showing up. I've tried closing Firefox and also restarting my computer, and nada.

Firefox 60.0.1 as of 5/21/18, and Speed Dial worked fine on Friday. Does not work after the FVD automatic update today.