All dials missing after June 4'th update

Andre' Pedersen 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 5

When this update was automatically installed, all my dials vanished.
You can see in the screenshot that they all seem to be registered in the groups/categories, but none are visible.

I have closed and reopened firefox and the problem still persists.

Ubuntu 18.04

Firefox 59.0.2 64bit

Image 1287


Same. My Speed Dial page is there, and it shows that I have 16 saved links on my Speed Dial, but none of them are showing up. I've tried closing Firefox and also restarting my computer, and nada.

Firefox 60.0.1 as of 5/21/18, and Speed Dial worked fine on Friday. Does not work after the FVD automatic update today.

It worked last yesterday for me.

Work computer, haven't used it since Friday. I also use Speed Dial at home, but the Chrome version (and that one is fine.)


We've updated FVD Speed Dial for Firefox. Please, install the latest version and try again.

Yes, thank you, it worked!
Thank you!