Your comments

Hello, thank you for your ideas.

1. You would like to enjoy/see the background picture without dials. Double click on the empty space of the screen or click on the "eye" in Speed dial panel on the top right. 

2. You wish the background picture changed each time a new tab is created. Speed dial doesn't have such function. But we have another extension "Live start page" for this case. You can install "Live start page" addon and enjoy it.

Write your login here please. What OS, firefox version do you use for synchronizing?

Thank you for your interest. We will inform our programmers about your idea.

Can I see the background image you are uploading?

Give us a detailed information please so that we could explain your situation to the programmers. What OS do you use? What is version of firefox do you use?

May it happens because you have a big size background photo?

Make a screenshot or video and upload (put a link) it here. Let's try to find out a solution for your pleblem together.