Add a feature which turns off speed dial transparency when moving the cursor across the screen.

rtevans 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4

This way we can fully appreciate an unobstructed view of the background image since the speed dials won't be in the way. A feature which alternates the background image each time a new tab is created would be cool too. Thanks.

Hello, thank you for your ideas.

1. You would like to enjoy/see the background picture without dials. Double click on the empty space of the screen or click on the "eye" in Speed dial panel on the top right. 

2. You wish the background picture changed each time a new tab is created. Speed dial doesn't have such function. But we have another extension "Live start page" for this case. You can install "Live start page" addon and enjoy it.

Thanks. I'll give that addon a try.


Got it. Thanks!