the chrome version is so slooooooooow on start up

Robert P Outlook 10 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 6

Although it got some very cool features compare to the Firefox version. However, it slows the browser startup and it has a bug when choosing a custom background image

if background image is large it slows significantly. 

I am on chrome and mine loads instantly, a click and it is there.

Chrome is opening in 40 seconds now. i.e. it opens but is not responsive. It's due to this extension which I assume is trying to sync in the background. Wish they would fix this. Making Chrome irritating to use, back to firefox.

May it happens because you have a big size background photo?

Can I see the background image you are uploading?

Hello! We've changed loading process. We'll update our extension soon. Try the latest version in few days and let us know if your problem still exists or not.