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What is the version of your Firefox. Your OS? Maybe it happens because you have a slow PC? or laptop?

Спасибо. Мы сообщим о вашем предложении нашим программистам.

Check your settings please. The following in the screenshot should be ticked. 

If it doesn't help. Reinstall FVD speed dialn please. But before reinstalling addon don't forget to backup your dials. 

Hi. This post should be in "bugs" I think. Have you tried to restart Speed Dial?

Hello, as I understand you, you want a button or dials with bookmarks for mobile pages. 

We will inform our programmers about your idea. 

Do you use Eversync with IE11 on what OS? I will try to test it. Probably, it can be a problem in your OS.

Спасибо за ваше предложение. Мы сообщим о нём нашим программистам. 

Здравствуйте, вы попробовали перезапустить Speed dial? Такое бывает редко. 

Если всё ещё проблема существует, загрузите сюда скриншот пожалуйста. 


We checked you profile. You have 617 active bookmarks and 516 deleted. If something is deleted or added it syncs normally.

We advice you to reinstall you addon and login again. If it doesn't help, can we try on teamview?

Hi, do you mean at the top of screen of desktop? 

Or remain fixed your favorite dials on the browser. And when you scrool down they should remain?