SpeedDial as my Home Page

geetee 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 5

When opening Firefox my home page is SpeedDial, it use to display my groups but now I get a white page and have to open a second tab to get my groups to display

Hi. This post should be in "bugs" I think. Have you tried to restart Speed Dial?

I clicked on Report Bug and I filled in the boxes.

Yes I have tried to restart Speed Dial, I have uninstalled and reinstalled but every time I open Firefox even if I open multiple time I have to click the + next to the first tab to open a second tab and only then dose Speed Dial open.

Check your settings please. The following in the screenshot should be ticked. 

If it doesn't help. Reinstall FVD speed dialn please. But before reinstalling addon don't forget to backup your dials. 


I have fixed the problem, the address for the Home Page only worked after opening a new tab so I then click "Use Current Page" and the address changed, now Speed Dial displays when I start Firefox.


Changed From: moz-extension://5f14c64f-2d09-4117-8dfa-8bcee467a796/newtab.html

To:                   moz-extension://6b8ca999-4ed7-40d7-8223-a06e71860ba2/newtab.html