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EverSync - sync locked in firefox - stuck on Initializing

noraj 1 year ago in EverSync - FireFox • updated by Gleb Khegay 8 months ago 7

It's happening on my Firefox 57.0.2 on Manjaro. But it's not happening on another computer that has the same OS and browser.

Has someone an idea ?

What info can I give you to help me?

I fear no but you can ask me all you need for troubleshooting.

Do you have many bookmarks and dials? Did you try to reinstall EverSync?

I have about 300 bookmarks, 0 dials. And yes I reinstalled EverSync two times.

The same for me. Maybe the problem coud be the corporate's proxy ?

Only corporate proxy causes the problem? Try another network.

Try to install the latest Firefox and EverSync version. Also try to install the latest FVD Speed Dial and check built-in eversync there.

Leave us your login, so we could check it on our server.