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FVD Speed Dial button

armanshah 7 year бұрын updated by nimbusweb 7 year бұрын 3

I moved the FVD Speed Dial button to the left corner and use it as my Home button instead of Firefox home button.

Image 854

But this icon/button doesn't work as it should and shows strange behavior.

When I click it, it should go to addon/browser homepage. But often it does nothing when I just click it (as it is a button with no function), and I have to click and hold for half a second to go to homepage. If I just short click it with left mouse button it will work and take me to homepage once per 5-6 clicks.

Sometimes a strange triangle appears there and does not go away until I click on the button again. I can't find anywhere what does it mean.

Image 855

How can I change the functionality of this button, or

Under review

please wait when you next update  62.8.5  will be released soon.

Let us know, if you would have the same problem with the new update

After updating to 64.1.3 have more problems.

The button click doesn't work as it should. I click on it 2-3 times to go to homepage. I click on it with LMB, it goes down, the triangle appears for a millisecond but nothing happens then. After several clicks it suddenly works and I go to homepage.

BUT! Now it sometimes crashes whole browser when I click on it. And even can't restore previous session from history. Only Session Manager saves my time.

AND! Now I see this stupid thing in address bar on start page or new tabs - moz-extension://a084d00f-ab5f-4301-a3f0-dfb8c3f46a43/newtab.html

Before update it was clear "Search or enter address" there, as it should. You can see it on the picture.

You guys make problems for users more and more. It was beautiful extension in the old days.

If it is the same after update to FF 57 I will have to search for another speed dial extension.

Once you update to FF57 when it will be release soon, address problem will be fixed