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FVD Speed Dial causes Firefox to open windowed instead of maximized.

Daniel T. 7 years ago updated by Indi 4 years ago 31

It appears the most recent version of FVD Speed Dial is causing Firefox 64 bit to open windowed instead of maximized. It is sporadic. Not sure why. When SD is disabled Firefox opens maximized.

Same here.
Also the size altered for me.
I think it went back to default?

Under review

It creates thumbnails for tiles. In new WebEx Mozilla removed functionality that we used before. You can set dials to manual previews like Gallery images or your own images.

Tiles and thumbnails I can handle but more often than not opening in windowed mode is not good.

Is there a way to roll back to the last working version or do you have a handle on the problem?

To add, when dials periodically update they appear in a windowed Firefox window when hovered over in the taskbar instead of a maximized window of which Firefox is actually running. Perhaps the reason Firefox new session opens windowed most times.

been having same problem for several weeks still havent found fix

I managed to revert back to an old version and there's no problem.

Thought I'd try all new installs,FF and FVD.

Imported all my passwords,bookmarks fine.

FF opens maximised.

Restored an old .sd dials file.

Import went ok,dials work,except for about:config dial.

FF has started opening windowed again.

Will remove old dials,make new ones and check again.

over 3 months and no fix?

using FF58 and last FVD update was 1st jan.

on my main machine using FF56 with pre 17thSept FVD.

everything works fine.

Could you please mare screen recording or attach screenshots of what's happening on your FF 58 ? 

Here is a capture of SD auto updating. When it updates, each dial loads in it's own windowed Firefox window -- displayed on the right. The windowed update is smaller than the user maximized window on the left. When the user closes Firefox completely in a maximized state it will, at times, cause Firefox to open in a windowed state when the user starts Firefox again instead of the expected maximized state.

Ok. We set this task to our dev team.

still doing it :(

so I'm still using old FF and old FVD

why has this not been fixed yet?

speed dial 2 and group speed dial are looking better alternatives............

Hello! We've changed dials updating mechanism a little. Background refresh of dial's preview will still show you firefox backgroud window in taskbar, but background windows should not be opened now. 

Show us screenshot of your current problem state, plese.

still happening

Can we try Team Viewer session?

Thanks for offering to co-browse. I've moved on to a different product.

not sure how a tv session would help.

When you open FF it's windowed not fullscreen.

This is with new FF and new FVD installs.

Still happening.

Latest to date of each.

There's a time limit on it.

shut FF down,wait 15 secs,fire up FF and FF is fullscreen.

shut FF down,wait 1min and FF opens windowed.

not exact times but thats the gist of it

Over 2yrs and still not fixed.

probably time to look for alternatives........................

Don't hold your breath,I may have solved it.............


always opens in the same windowed position regardless of where and how firefox was when it was shut down.


Time to move on to a new speed dial as it seems your not interested in fixing this problem or you simply cannot.

But waiting over 2yrs after countless FF updates and numerous FVD updates and the 'bug' still persists.


if there's anyone still following this the bug has been found and should be fixed soon


'Soon' is a relative concept here

latest update 71.1.1 has not fixed this issue.

seriously what is going on?

2yrs ago we brought this to your attention.

still not fixed.........

update 72.1.9 has NOT fixed this issue.

73.2.7 has not fixed this issue