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your inability to fix a 2yr+ problem

Indi 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 15

firefox opens as a window not in fullscreen when using FVD

numerous updates to FF and to FVD but still not fixed in over 2yrs


Nope,that's an FF thing not an FVD thing.

I mean Firefox actual opens in windowed mode not in fullscreen.

Nothing to do with auto update.



I may have found the cause,auto preview.

Started new profile,new install of FVD.

Firefox opens fine until I tick the auto preview box,then it starts opening windowed,regardless of whether auto update is ticked or not.

I cannot change dials from auto to custom unless there is a premade icon or I specify a location,so testing my full install is becoming tedious.


Confirmed BUT...........

Seems ONLY related to the 1st tab of dials ( default tab ) .

Soon as I change any dial in the 1st tab to auto preview FF starts windowed.


Actually it's related to the 'Default' tab dials auto preview.

I changed the order of the tabs,no difference until I ticked the auto preview of a dial on the Default tab which is now 2nd.

Once I've made a new tab and transferred the default tabs dials over then deleted the default tab I'll report back.

I don't mean a tab that is set as default,I mean the 1st tab that is there with the popular tab straight after install,called default.

Deleted this tab now so will see how behaviour is...................


Please, make video for us. 

Openin dials in background is made for preview getting process. You mean that you have preview windows opened or whole Firefox browser opened in windowed mode?


Cannot make a video.

I'll start from scratch and tell you where the bug lies.

When you open Firefox with FVD active this happens....

It ONLY happens when you use the initial default tab with any dial using auto preview.

Using Custom previews does not cause this behaviour.

This bug is ONLY in the 1st installs tab labelled 'default'.

Easily reproduced...........

From a new profile in firefox ( cut and save the old one or make a new one).

install FVD

change facebooks dial on the tab named default from custom preview to auto preview,save the change.

exit firefox

wait 5-10 seconds

start firefox

when it opens it should be in a window like my screengrab.

BUG is NOT related to solely auto preview in a dial but is related to using auto preview in a dial on the initial default tab.

I have deleted the initial default tab and this windowed opening has gone.

Supply me with video making software and I will make a video if need be......


ok! now we see. thank you for your report! we'll try to fix it soon.


apologies for my abrupt attitude

it's just opened windowed on me again so not sure what the parameters are any more????

hahha doh

my fault,all is well

Soon doesn't mean within 1 month then?

Can you not find the problem?

Is it really hard to fix?

Why is this taking so long?


You have released 2 updates since this bug has been identified and none have fixed this issue.

I've told you how and why this bug exists 2 months ago but you have done sweetFA about it by the looks of it.

Also here............


Another bug identified 2 months ago and not fixed in the last 2 updates.

Over 200 followers on this thread,over 200 on the original thread that is 2yrs+ old.....

https://fvdmedia.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/8311-fvd-speed-dial-causes-firefox-to-open-windowed-instead-of-maximized and over 200 on the one '1st tab' one above.

Using FF with your addon is now becoming a PITA plus it seems a new FF update trashes FVD dials so it's starting to look like a new alternative is a must................................

my sentiments too - this forum is hardly maintained really. Versus Evernote, etc.

It has been a frustrating and bumpy ride since the last 2 years by now. They know that there is only one competitor that is a viable solution to switch to, but since FVDnow has such a quirky way of saving the dials, it is not so simple to switch.

But I am actively working on it, because I too am tired of not ever knowing what will happen at every Firefox update, there is always some issue that never really gets resolved.

When Mozilla switched to Quantum, that is when FVD should have re-created their extension versus mucking around with small fixes. I was always and a strong supporter during the changes - but after 2 years I am weary of never knowing if I will still have my dials in the same order I left them last.


We have a big backlog of tasks that we do. This task is also in it and will be solved. After switching to Quantum, the application was completely redone, since Quauntum has a completely different structure.