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Firefox install issues...

Marvin42 fa 8 anys actualitzat fa 8 anys 6

Win 7

Installed Firefox successfully in Chrome but not Firefox.

Install initially appears to be successful then as expected I'm prompted to re-start Firefox.

This is from a fresh install of Firefox so no other add-ons are installed.

The add-on disappears completely after re-start.

Please advise / any ideas?

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What's your Firefox version?

Thank you

Thanks for your reply, it's 48.0

When you open New Tab you don't see the Speed Dial?

No it doesn't appear. New tab controls are just the default for Firefox.

Checking back on add-ons, there is no evidence of it being installed. I search again, it shows as available to install, I click Install and am prompted to re-start Firefox. Then it's not there.... repeat...

I use FVD all the time in Chrome.

That's very strange. Shouldn't be like that.

We can make a teamview and check on you computer. Would you like to do that?

That is tricky, it's a work computer. If this is a unique issue, not known elsewhere, I will stick with FVD in Chrome...