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Multiple duplicates of new bookmarks

PhillyBass 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 2
For the past 6 weeks, all new bookmarks are being duplicated many times.  For example, if I add a new bookmark in my browser (firefox or chrome) then within a few days I will see approximately 6 new copies of the same bookmark.  Existing bookmarks are not being duplicated, only new ones.

The issue started approximately 6 weeks ago.

A temporary solution for me is to:
1 Delete all extra copies of the bookmarks
2 Upload the local copy of bookmarks to the server, thus overwriting it.

My use case is:
- multiple browsers open on multiple computers
- both chrome and firefox in use
- All browsers use  eversync and are configured to auto-sync every 30 minutes

are you able to observe the issue on the server side?
how would I provide log files from the client side to you?

This is an example of a single duplicated bookmark:

Image 2594

This was probably the problem.  Chrome defaulted to synchonizing bookmarks while Firefox did not.  I have configured all my chrome browsers to NOT sync bookmarks and now the duplicated bookmark issue is not occuring.  

Thank you!