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Latest FVD update does not open with the set homepage

Indi 4 ár síðan updated by nimbusweb 4 ár síðan 12

Titles says it all.

Under review


Could you send more details? How did you try to set as homepage?

homepage is already set and working fine

all extensions and firefox working fine.

Firefox opens with set homepage

update FVD

firefox opens with a FVD dial group.

I'm using a portable version of FF

Located in my documents folder

I also have a backup with previous non updated FVD

If I rename current folder and place copy of backup into same folder the 'latest' version starts working?

delete previous,rename back the updated

FF starts with group dial instead of homepage

Away from pc at moment,can post back which extensions I have installed if you need?

Could you send screenshot of your current homepage.

sure within next few hrs when back at pc

but it's only a group of speedials

If I paste a copy of the backup into my documents but name it something else then it also shows this page,not my homepage.

Swap the names over and both work?


Could you send screenshot of this page - about:preferences#home

screenshot would do you no good,its exactly the same,no changes.


I can say that I have 2 pages set as homepage.

1st page does not load/open

2nd page opens/loads as normal



We fixed this problem and waiting approval from Mozilla team.

when can we expect this to be OK'd?

I don't know. We are waiting,

Can I get to test the 'fix' in a beta or something ?

Also have you managed to fix this issue....?



Yes, this problem fixed too.