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confirm to remove

ignoto82 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 5

once removed the confirmation to delete a dial I cant find an option to restore said pop up with the request.

It's me or is hidden somewhere?

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Did you delete dials or app FVD Speed Dial?

hello here!

uhm, maybe I've explained myself badly. Sorry about that.

when you erase a dial it show a pop up asking "do you want to delete this dial" (or something similar).

just under the yes/no button, there is a check "never ask this again".

I checked that to remove in a fast way all the default dial and set up my usual... setup.

Now I 'd like to reabilitate the pop up but I cant find the option under any options tab.

Could you help me?

It is internal option ( You can restore with about:config or if you reinstall app.

worked like a charm, really thank you. I made a local backup of the dials, uninstalled and reinstalled the addon, reuploaded the backup and now it's all right again. Just have to set up the option as I like.

True to be told I've looked in about:config, but I couldnt find an option for the erasing dial/pop up while searching for the string FVD. Could you give me any tip about that if possible?

Ok, i will send to dev.team your request.