I can not upload a thumbnail anymore

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I was formerly able to upload thumbnail pictures to use for my dials. But today I tried to update one of them and it just made the dial a blank white screen. Now no matter what I try to change it to or even set as an auto preview it remains a blank white screen in that dial. Help.

*Thumbnail picture - background picture? If yes, have you tried to restart the speed dial?

I even uninstalled and reinstalled but still the problem persists for all dials of any website and standard icons chosen from the library.

Make a screenshot or video and upload (put a link) it here. Let's try to find out a solution for your pleblem together.

Please, do sync and tell us your account.

Also we need info about your OS, browser and addon version. 

Do you use any anti-virus or cleaner software?

It's on my work computer. WIndows 10 running Firefox on a Microsoft Surface Pro. I haven't synced yet, nor looked at my personal computer since the issue started. I'll try to sync this evening from home and then see if that resolves the issue at work.