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Здравствуйте. При использовании функции "Обновить все сайты" превью (ячейки) сайтов обновляются бесконечно (висит анимация загрузки).

Алексей Томилов 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 5

in-built search bar.

Vaper 6 years ago 0
I see People have been asking for this to be changed for over a year ,being that most junk and scam mail come via yahoo mail accounts I personally dislike Yahoo, so it would be nice to be able to place My Favourite Search as the in-built search bar and remove Yahoo.

Your extension is lacking a range of themes

Miraj Rahman-Blake 5 years ago 0

me gustaria que busque con

Brian Ezequiel Paletti 5 years ago 0
no me gusta el otro buscador

Bookmarks Tab.

James Wallis 6 years ago 0
Displaying a tab with your bookmarks and bookmark folders would be useful. would save me having to keep it open on the browser. 

Pretty But is Extra Buggy

Stephen D. Foster 6 years ago 0
I am so tired of having to redo this / win 8.1  . I am considering going back to the unsupported Opera or Windows MIE

Twice now all my speed dials have changed to other dials in Russian.

Dave Zappo 7 years ago updated by nimbusweb 7 years ago 10
The first time I was able to use the auto backup, today it did it again and all of them have changed to other dials in Russian. I changed my sync password. I don't have any virus's. Have I been hacked? Help.

Mass Edit Refresh time per tab currently applied per site

Paul Muthugala 6 years ago 0
Per tab as applicable to all dials on said tab. For example I have a number of sites on various environments. Each envirohnment is on one tab. I want it to only refresh one environment's (tab) sites every 30 mins but the other one every 2 hours. Then when I want to chage the refresh time I can change the rules per tab instead of per dial at present, which saves time.

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