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i have 250 speedails ok, now

Jashan Jas 5 years ago 0
i have 250 speedails now i want to delete 150 out of 250. now problem is that for deleting 150 speedails 150 times warning box comes which is more irretable. Same thing is with to add speedail. so there should be customize notification setting .

para promover y PREDICAR el EVANGELIO.

El Mensajero Cristiano 6 years ago 0

How disable ads?

Miroslav Široký 6 years ago updated by nimbusweb 6 years ago 0

adnan dizdarevic 6 years ago 0

Make cloud computing application

Spessantura L. 6 years ago 0
Under review

DESTROY this scroll! It does not open websites middle button !!!!

Летний Дом 6 years ago updated by nimbusweb 6 years ago 1
If you press the middle mouse button on an empty tab, then starts scrolling the entire list! Impossible so open sites by clicking on the mouse wheel to which I am very used!

See GIF record, which is not fixed by pressing the middle button, and you will understand!

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