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meep 7 years ago 0
what the hell

'Add to Speed Dial' from a tab

Gary S 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 0
Chrome version needs the ability to 'Add to Speed Dial' from a tab, like the Firefox version.
Some sites prevent right-clicking on the page, so being able to add the site from the tab would be a big help.

Very good job but ...

George Messeha 6 years ago 0
Very good job. But I want it to replace the native dial speed of Opera. i.e. whether it shows automatically whenever I press "Add new tab button" or when I press FVD button it opens in a new tab without need to press Opera's new tab first.
Under review

Sync won't complete.

Cynthia Letellier 5 years ago updated by extreme123dz 4 years ago 4

I'm trying to sync Chrome bookmarks and it won't complete. It just goes on and on. I already closed the tab and reopened to try again and it's doing the same thing.


Отзыв и пожелания

Soiskatel 5 years ago 0
Загрузил, начал пользоваться. Пока все отлично. Однако есть и пожелания. Первое, чтобы очередной ряд незаполненных под вкладки окон появлялся из настроек только по желанию пользователя. Иначе портит вид главной страницы. Второе, поисковик к приложению в Google Choome желателен Google.

Organização e classificação dos itens adicionados.

Alexandre Faria de Oliveira 6 years ago 0
O App é ótimo, mas gostaria de ter opções de organização, classificação dos itens adicionados.

Cursor location?

Joe Nestlerode 7 years ago 0
Using as Speed Dial, when launching new tab, there is no cursor anywhere.  i.e., not in address bar, search box, or FVD search box.  Tab does nothing.  Any way to have cursor active in address bar, ready to type?  Thanks!
Under review

Crashes on each and every Browser you can think of

Nickryan 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 1
When trying to sync on any browser the browser becomes unresponsive and crashes and I tried them all even all three the Comodo browsers.

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