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I wan't to do ONE simple thing

Max Entropy 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 2
I wan't to do ONE simple thing... I want the bookmarks on my PC Firefox synced with the bookmarks on my android Firefox.

After about a half hour I still don't have a sync, even though I have my Everhelper account, PC Firefox addon, and Android app all installed and logged in using the exact same Google account.

The documentation is virtually non-existent, and what IS there appears to have been written by a high school student. And the video guides alluded to in your interface? What videos? There aren't any.

This system is measuring up to 1 star so far...utterly useless.

If I'm missing something, please clue me in. If app documentation does exist and I can't find it, that's a FAIL. If your system still doesn't deliver after a little while, I'll be moving on.

I know one thing... you should have paid closer attention to testing.

Eric Hoagland
User Interface Design Specialist
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Do you see your bookmarks in EverSync for Android or sync failed?

UPDATE: After rebooting device it now syncs.