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synchronization doesn't work and is blocked. It's impossible to stop the synchronization.

Val.G 2 years ago in EverSync - Chrome • updated 2 years ago 4

In my other PC, the synchronization works and all work. But this PC, the synchronisation is blocked and impossible to log out.

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Syncing issue with Chrome

Ady 2 years ago in EverSync - Chrome • updated 2 years ago 10

I have Chrome with FVD dpeed dial and evernote running. I have set up one PC with the dials and I am now trying to sync with some others and they just hang during the sync "FVD Speed Dial: Sync Groups And Dials" and the sync is only partially happening with some group dials missing completely. Really want to get working as the dials are excellent


can't get my dials back in FVD, eversync stays "syncing"

Robert Seys 3 years ago in EverSync - Chrome 0
I've re-installed my pc with chrome. after the chrome installation I logged in with my Google account and installed the 2 extensions: FVD and eversync.
When logged in in eversync I wanted to get back my dial within FVD by syncing (overwrite local data)
Eversync started syncing and doesn't finish. (stays syncing FVD speed dials)
what can I do to get back my dials, I've roughly 100 dails which I can't use right now.
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Endless Loop Sync

Jonais LeBlanc 3 years ago in EverSync - Chrome • updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 1
The sync for the speed dials going endlessly. That said i only have 17 dials. I'm lucky you can sync two things at once. Honestly the only reason i'm using this application in the first place is because my bookmarks have up and vanished twice prior to installing this program. I blame that on google chrome but not sure how it happened. Anyways please fix this issue. It makes it so i can't really do anything in the account window or see much of anything.

Indicate the date and time of the most recent bookmark sync on this browser

Blaine Cross 3 years ago in EverSync - Chrome 0

I can never tell if the sync actually happened or not - ideally add this information to the on click event for the extension icon. Otherwise I suspect that nothing has happened, and I need to download manually. All browser versions should have this prominently displayed. Very frustrating.

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не синхронизируются закладки и дилы.

FlowersStore Ukraine 3 years ago in EverSync - Chrome • updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 7
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Sync not working for speed dial

Dan Tharp 3 years ago in EverSync - Chrome • updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 1
Installed FVD Speed Dial and Eversync to synce dial settings (not bookmarks....I have another extension that does that) and it appears that on the first PC they upload fine.
However, when everything is setup on another PC and I go to download the dial settings, ONLY the bookmark is an option to download.
Also, when in dial and I click the sync icon, dial doesn't seem to recognize that Eversync is installed.
Likewise, when I click the Eversync icon on the chrome toolbar, Eversync doesn't seem to recognize that dial is installed.
It's like the two apps aren't talking to each other (on the second PC only).
I verified logins and accounts and uninstalled and re-installed, but no change.
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Sync refuses to work on Chrome...

Laura Aporado 3 years ago in EverSync - Chrome • updated by nimbusweb 2 years ago 2
Works flawlessly on Firefox, but the sync just seems to go on forever on Chrome with no results! Why isn't this fixed?!

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