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tried it out a while back and don't like it. my solution is simply to gave google and fvd as my startup tabs. then no need for search in fvd at all.

what are you saying? you blocked in the host file and fvd then stated using chromes default search engine?

nice that feature is there, but would be nicer if the test was gibberish.

first i know they're two things. second i suggested a feature that would be nice to have.

agree 1,000,000% google instead of yandex.

not to be rude b the vast majority of people do not trust the cloud. we need away to save them locally where we want them and to be able to sync to and from that location. 

so i'm right then those features are there just disabled? have you guys even tried to fix it in the last year or so?

explain cause from what i see those features are available but deliberately disabled for users using fancy. details on why it can't be done would be appreciated..