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Hi, I logged in and out (just now). This is what I see at login (attached). Note that for a very brief second (maybe 100ms) when I load the EverSync Extension web page, I do quickly see 4 Tabs but it quickly vanishes (100ms), replaced by only the final 2 Tabs shown (attached). The 4 Tabs I see for 100ms is way to fast for me to get a screenshot.

I still have the same issue when logged in, only 2 Tabs show (not the usual 4 Tabs).

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Image 2631

Sure, here's a screen shot. Notice also that it no longer recognizes how many bookmarks are "In Your Browser:".

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just fyi - I do have many browser bookmarks; running Firefox 107.0.1; Linux Manjaro. (everything was working well over the weekend, maybe even Monday).

Image 2628