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This is my question, and it seems we can't change it, but there's something weird about it. I enabled it and then type something in the search bar and result was for Google!, after that, type something else, but this time the result wasn't from Google, then type something else and this time Google appeared for my result, why it changed between our searches, and how to stop it and just use Google engine search?


I don't know why it happened to my FVD Synchronization task, while I didn't have any problem and didn't need a connection based on VPN to do it.

I found out when I turn on and use a VPN software (for me Hotspot Shield) I can log in and back up of my data (dials and bookmarks) is okay like before and okay! but formerly I didn't need to use any VPN software to do this job. It seems at this new situation, for backing up of my data, I should use a VPN to finish this regular task.

Don't use a proxy, but I have Bitdefender (security software) on my machine. I put the URL on the exclusion section in the security software, but the problem still remains and browser can't open it!

I tried it with https in Chrome and Opera browsers, but nothing has changed and won't open it!

No, the browser can't open it and show the below error! I live in Iran, does this problem with IP and blocking?