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Thanks, I appreciate something that would work!

Change the "custom code" to what??????? as only creates the image posted above.

the link provided certainly did not help. below is a screen shot of the results.

Same result on three computers...


I think we are not on the same page here. FVD Speed Dial does open when I create a new tab. My issue is that it does not open as the default tab when I open the browser (firefox). It also does not open when I press HOME in the browser. n option to do this was in a previous version,but not in this version...

Your not serious! NO!

This kind of response makes me want to remove the plug-in.

I believe there used to be an option in "settings" to add as homepage, but there is not that option anymore....or I have not found it.

not sure what the question has to do with my question. What i see is whatever homepage I select....except FVD.