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Well, here is: http://www.mediafire.com/file/izaw7r3cv3dypeg/Webpage+Thumbnails.zip

I just wanted to share my thumbnails with other people who could be interested to use them when searching for specific thumbs in the public user library, because currently there is no available thumbnail there for many websites, and a bunch of the available thumbnails has a variaty of sizes, it looks pretty ugly when filling the speed dial with thumbs of different sizes, for that reason all the images of my personal gallery are designed at default size for FVD (it fills the entire default blank space), there are thumbnails of very known websites, and other very less known. Each image contains the domain name written in its filename ( eg. amazon.com.png ).

To avoid misinterpretations, note that it is not any kind of professional design work, It's just something made as a hobbie, with a basic knowledge.

Some preview:

Thanks for read.

@Nasim Sadikov Hi, and thanks for answer, but I know how to change the thumbnail... what I'm asking for is to upload/submit my own thumbnails for the user gallery. When I enter a url or load a local file for my own thumbnails, they are not added to the user gallery.

Thanks for read.